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Product ID: GAVplus-S1
Gold AQUA-VORTEX+™ Liquid Energizer
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Gold AQUA-VORTEX+™ Liquid Energizer

Gold AQUA-VORTEX+™ Liqid Energizer

Gold AQUA-VORTEX Plus™ Liquid Energizer







True spring water is appreciated globally. People often travel great distances to drink and enjoy such water to maintain or improve their well-being. In some countries like Austria and Germany the Health service pays for long hlodays of emplyees to 'take the waters' in renowned spa places ("Auf Kur gehen"). True spa water can not be stored for long periods or effectively shipped, as, after a few days out of the Earth, this living water loses its potency and vitality, it 'dies' and releases the minerals that it has been carrying. Yet it is not the minerals in such waters which make them special. Minerals can be added to water artificially without the water creating such remarkable effects. It is the distinct life-force in these waters which make them special. With the Gold AQUA-VORTEX Plus you can enjoy special water every day!

The AQUA-VORTEX™  utilises spiral technology and works purely with nature.


Simply slip the device into the neck of the funnel (supplied separately) and pour the water through it. For maximum effect allow the water to rest for about 4 minutes or longer. The water is now balanced way and ready to drink.

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If you are used to drinking energized water regularly for at least the last 3 months, like that from the original, stainless steel AQUA-VORTEX™ or other good devices, you can upgrade and switch straight over to the 'Gold Plus' version. However, if you are new to energized water and want to use the GAV+ (Gold AQUA-VORTEX+™) but have mainly been drinking non-energised, dead water, we suggest you either:

A ) start with an original, silver looking AQUA-VORTEX™ , or other energizing device, drinking energized water regularly for approximately 3 months.

B ) start slowly and build up carefully with the GAV+ by drinking about one glass a day for the first month, about two glasses in the second month, to drinking about three glasses in the third month. By making balanced steps you assure good, balanced progress. You control your progress.



Liquids only need to be put through the AQUA-VORTEX™ once. The improvement and reactivation is readily discerned by most people (- could be placebo, we let you decide). Drinking energized water is more enjoyable and satisfying. The body may absorb enlivened water more easily, the taste may be better, the water may be 'softer'. Many people have reported reactions associated with drinking true spring water – such as increased thirst and having more energy...
Please note: AQUA-VORTEX™ is not a water-filter but a water energizer. You may wish to filter your water before activating it with AQUA-VORTEX. Only use the AQUA-VORTEX for water you are happy to drink in the first place.


This Gold design has been created to optimize the effects of the AQUA-VORTEX for water, using the simple but effective spiral technology utilized by the AV (AQUA-VORTEX™). This has been achieved with Co-Creative Science, where a conscious connection to the relevant nature intelligences involved is made, and work is done in partnership with them. The book 'Co-Creative Science' by Machaelle Wright gives a clear and useful introduction to this Science. The DVD 'This is Perelandra' is a great introduction to the subject. The paper, 'The Inner Workings of Spirals' , explains the 4 key functions that can be utilized in spirals.


Gold has always been associated with purity, wisdom, strength and the life-giving Sun. In vibrational medicine, Gold is referred to as the master healer, creating balance, regeneration and opening the heart. Gold is not just an excellent conductor of electricity, but also of etheric currents. As such it is ideal to transmit the life-force of this design to the passing water. To the normal eye the GAV+ would look exactly the same with a quarter of the plating thickness applied. However, when looked at under the microscope, it would actually not cover 100% of the bronze material underneath. But with this thick coating the GAV+ is 100% gold on the outside. In this way the valuable vibration of pure gold is added to the life-force given to the water. Not that the bronze coil is not effective, but this design energizes the water to such a high degree that the gold vibration complements this life-force much better than the stainless steel vibration can.


You will probably have heard it before: we need to drink plenty of water to maintain our well-being. Water is God's free medicine! In fact, Dr. F. Batmanghelidj in his book 'Your Body's Many Cries for Water' lists symptom after symptom people can experience due to their lack of drinking waterÑdehydration. In his research he even found that higher blood cholesterol level is a dehydrated body's defence mechanism to avoid dehydrating even more. "Don't treat thirst with medications!" he says, "You are not sick, you are thirsty".

To illustrate the point: an approach naturopaths tend to take is, "I can only treat you if you drink 8 pints of water a day..." and in Austrian folklore it is said that when taking a tablet with a glass of water, the benefit from the glass of water is often higher than the one from the tablet...!

You may not believe this, but your body may be in great need of water, yet your mouth is possibly not dry and you may not even feel particularly thirsty. This can be due to a number of reasons, but most likely your body has given up 'calling' for water. One of the most commonly reported effects from drinking good, living water is that people experience an increased thirst and a strong desire to actually drink water. The body is waking up to the fact that some 'good stuff' is available; and it goes 'down the hatch' a treat.

Please understand that drinking lemonade, juice, cola, beer, tea, coffee, etc. is not the same as drinking 'the real thing.' Water is an essential but often overlooked nutrient! However, please consider that drinking large quantities of cold water may not necessarily agree with your stomach. Depending on your constitution and situation, consider drinking more hot water (energized cold water, which is boiled and drunk while hot). Boiled water, drunk hot (but obviousely not boiling), is one of the most prescribed Ayurvedic medicines.


To explain the different effects of the two kinds of AV-spirals – silver-looking and gold: imagine for a moment, a dark room. Now switch on a medium-strength light in that room. This light will reveal the basics about this room and you can start orientating yourself in it. Now imagine you switch on a strong, very bright light in the same room – it will not just reveal the outline of the room and its contents, but also it will reveal all the details in that room.

And now, for a moment, imagine going very fast from complete darkness to very bright. You will be blinded at first, maybe even confused by the light, and not see anything for a while. So, it is much better to bring light into your life step-by-step, by not overstretching yourself or your senses. Compare the silver-looking AV to the medium light and the GoldAV+ to the strong, very bright light.

The AV and the GAV+ add light to your body and, consequently, in a gradual way, to your life. They are life tools. By raising the vibration of oneself, and ones life, by adding light, gradually 'things get revealed'; obstacles, patterns, problem areas become apparent and can be approached and dealt with appropriately. But also clear pathways and areas of beauty become more obvious and enjoyable


Keep your spiral and funnel clean, esp. if you use it for liquids other than water. Hot water with some washing-up liquid will usually do the trick. We no longer suggest de-scaling the GoldAV+ with vinegar, as it badly affects the gold plating, causing it to flake off. Do not use bleach for the GoldAV+ and do not put it in the dishwasher as most dishwasher powders contain bleach. The original Funnel for the AQUA-VORTEX™ (supplied separately) is dishwasher safe. Also due to the aggressive chlorine contained in tap-water after some years the the gold may start to flake off. This is harmless in itself (Gold-leaf can be eaten e.g. it is sometimes used on food for decoration) but you may want to replace the GoldAV+ when this occurs.


You'll need a Funnel for the AQUA-VORTEX™ and the Gold AQUA-VORTEX Plus™. 

The Funnels we supply are made from environmentally-sound Polyethylene. PVC-free, heavey-metal-free, plasticizer-free, BPA-free,... The Polyethylene used to make the funnels contains only long molecules of the gas ethane and some chalk. 



Price: £49.00

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