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In life, we all have to go through 'mud' from time to time.
The important thing is not to get stuck in the mud!
We offer solutions and support to help you keep moving in balance.

Does this sound too good to be true?!?
Only experience can tell you if it is.
Our customers DO tell us that they find huge benefits from the many products we offer.

If you do not know where to start, contact us and we are happy to listen and go through possible solutions for your situation.

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The Five Most Important Daily Solutions Right Now

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NEW: Annual Perelandra Virus Solution & Bacteria Solution


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  • Addressing Economic Crisis
    You can use EoP to address the impact of worldwide economic crisis and instability caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and it's specific impact on you. Simply follow the steps given here.
    Note: If you are not currently directly affected by economic "crisis," but you would like to prepare for a potential recession or downturns in regional, national or international economies, change the wording below from "economic crisis" to "economic instability."

  • In times of stress take ETS!
    If you are not in actual crisis mode, please don't dismiss the strain of this kind of worry on your health.
    We strongly recommend, to get through this time, that you take one dose (12 drops) of ETS for Humans two times a day, every day, even if you think all is well.
    If you are overwhelmed or in the midst of an emergency, keep it handy to support yourself to stay functional by taking 3-5 doses a day.
    Keep taking care—keep taking ETS.

  • If things get to you, consider the Stress Kit.

  • We HIGHLY recommend frequent / daily MAP sessions.
    It does not cost you anything (except the cost of the book) and offers you amazing and valuable support any time you need it. You may want to address your mental and physical state, or specifically address the pathogen as described in detail in Part 1 and Part 2.

    It is a challenging time. Remember to talk to your MAP team about mood changes or patterns you observe, and ask for help if they feel out of balance or are getting in your way.

    Also read and learn the Emergency MAP instructions now. Don't wait until you are in an emergency or crisis. See MAP, 3rd edition, pages 141-144.

  • Spending much more time at home? Getting overwhelmed by all the “togetherness” or feeling isolated and worried? The Simplified Energy Cleansing Process can enhance the balance and peace of your home/office/land. It is easy to do! There is alos a guided Auido version availabe on CD.
    Please don't underestimate the impact your environment has on your well-being.

  • For some extra stabilizing, strengthening and balancing, remember to keep your EOP Infusion Pump in your pocket, but also remember to take Essence Of Perelandra for maintaining your strength if you've been hit hard.

  • For a loved one who has died: within 72 hours of their passing you may offer them The Perelandra Post-Death ETS Process.

Multiplying the Power of the Individual

– EoP Focus on Biodiversity Process

We all impact biodiversity. Perelandra now developed a brand new simple process – to be done on the 1st of every month – to reverse this impact!

We are very excited about that and hope you will join us!

What you need is 5 minutes time, EoP, which you find here, and the details to do the EoP Biodiversity Process, which you find here.

Good, Better, Best:
Economic and Financial Challenges

In an economic crisis, we will need calmness of mind, creativity and flexibility to address and solve the different challenges the crisis throws our way.
We need to make sure we don't freeze in place physically, emotionally or mentally when something happens.
Here's what we suggest to help you achieve and hold this state of mind and your ability to function – and to get support from nature for your goals.

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We celebrate 29+ years of this long-time favorite in the UK:

AQUA-VORTEX Liquid Energiser

Liquid Energizer

The AQUA-VORTEX™ Liquid Energizer is a small, yet remarkably powerful energizing device.
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