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Customer Service
Since 1993

In 2005, PANOSUN Ltd metamorphosed out of Aquarian Angel Services Ltd which was established in 1993, upon a request to supply certain specialist holistic products in the UK. We have since expanded and now also supply Europe, USA and the rest of the World.
We offer a lot of expertise to help people move through personal challenges, to help maintain their health and to learn new skills and use new tools. We enjoy being of service, and love it when we see people get better, stay well, and become more empowered and informed!

We are located in Forres near the Findhorn Community in Scotland.  We are active members of the New Findhorn Association and enjoy contributing to and taking part in the many activities of the Findhorn Community, including it's courses and workshops.
PANOSUN is run as a mail-order business;  also, by appointment, visitors are welcome!

I am Martin Kutternik – born in Feb. 1966. I run PANOSUN Ltd.

Everything we offer through PANOSUN, I have tried myself, enjoyed, found that it works and that it is really helpful! (That is why we are most happy to offer a 30-day full money-back guarantee on all products – no questions asked.)

Originally form Austria, now I am resident in the UK since 1990. I have studied and practised holistic approaches to health and technology since 1988.
I have practised
Co-Creative Science and Co-Creative Troubleshooting problems for over 12 years now, and give talks on the subject internationally. The Co-Creative Science and Perelandra materials and products, I find most amazing and feel very passionate about, as they offer so many efficient solutions to the many problems life can throw at us...

Helping individuals and organisations overcome problems and create a more balanced and 'fruitful' life and environment is my passion!

Originally, I trained and worked as an electrical engineer, but I also hold certificates in Colour Therapy and in Life Coaching. (In 1989 I was awarded the official title of "Ingenieur" – meaning ingenious – by the Austrian government for my engineering skills.)

Flower Essences, MAP, MBP Solutions and other wholistic products are an integral part of my life and well being since a personal crisis in my early twenties. Consequently, I did much training, learning and practising with essences and other holistic technology, procedures and products.

I gained a lot of experience and am keen to pass it on and help!

If you do not know where to start,
contact us and I am happy to listen and go through possible solutions for your situation.

We look very much forward to being of service to you,

Martin Kutternik


Registered Company in England No: 02876320
VAT Registration Number: GB 183 6090 00
Incorporated 30. November 1993
Registered Office (not contact address!):
1 High Street GUILDFORD, GU2 1HP
Director: Martin Kutternik

2002-2020 PANOSUN Ltd

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PANOSUN Ltd.     Tel. UK Freephone: 0800-254 0055     or: +44-(0)1234-48 47 48
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