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The Most Important Solutions Right Now
Product ID: E-ILRV


Until the "scourge" has passed and things get back to "normal" in the Northern Hemisphere, we recommend taking these Solutions twice daily:
Price: 88.00
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Virus Solution & Bacteria Solution - brandy or vinegar in water
Product ID: APS


SAVE £5 when you order both solutions! 
Offer available for 2-oz and 8-oz refill bottles. To save, select the 2-bottle options.  

Please read this BEFORE you start taking these new Solutions: 
 A Heads Up About the Bacteria Solution and Virus Solution by The Perelandra Question Line Duo.

Climate change has changed the world's health. The global microbial population is adjusting and migrating to new areas, causing disparate and more difficult problems for humans. Unfamiliar microbial patterns are flying around the globe and modifying rapidly as humans pass things around. The bottom line: We truly are in a new world. Taking all of this into consideration, Machaelle and nature have answered the challenge, and we have an extraordinary development.

Bottle Math Info

weight:  160g / 320g / 450g / 900g  
Price: 0.00
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Allergy Season Support Combo  2-oz.   Water in Brandy or Vinegar 59ml
Product ID: E-924


To strengthen the body systems most affected by seasonal allergies, we're offering a three-bottle MBP Balancing Solutions Allergy Season Support Combo.

weight: 480g

List Price: 66.00
Price: 66.00
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GIFT KIT: 2-bottle Immune & Lymphatic Combo 1/2-oz.   Water in Brandy or Vinegar 14ml + Guide
Product ID: M-921SP


The perfect gift for anyone who could benefit form some good health support.

weight: 150g
List Price: 17.00
Price: 16.00
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The Crisis ETS Service: Free 1/2-oz. ETS for Humans
Product ID: CETS


Honour System Note: This service is for those who don't have it in their budget to buy a bottle of ETS when they need it. We trust that you will respect the spirit of this offer. Take us up on it when you need it and when you can, buy your ETS at regular price. This will help us to continue the Crisis ETS Service for all in need.

Please click for details.
Price: 0.00
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Stress Kit  2-oz.  Water in Brandy or Vinegar 59ml
Product ID: E-564


Stressed? Know someone who is?

Support your loved ones and yourself in time of stress – look at this helpful kit! 

weight: 1120g

Price: 154.00
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All Perelandra Essences Sets
Product ID: E-601-2X


All 51 Perelandra Essences bottles – all 5 Perelandr Essences Sets. 
You choose the size: Bottle Math Info
• Large 1/2-oz. bottles (14.8ml) for only £342 instead of £374 
 Save £32! 

• Small Dram bottles (3.7ml) for only £252  instead of £276
— Save £24! 

weight: Large 3.22kg  / Small: 920g

Price: 0.00
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PIC Combo: ALL 7 ETS
Product ID: E-PCE


7 ETS for humans, animals and environment
for only £139 
Save £15!

List Price: 154.00
Price: 139.00
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PIC Combo: 11 Perelandra Solutions for Humans
Product ID: E-PCH


11 Perelandra Solutions for humans for only £217.80 instead of £242
Save £24.20!

weight: 1.6kg
List Price: 242.00
Price: 217.80
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PIC Combo: 14 MBP Solutions
Product ID: E-PCM


14 MBP Balancing Solutions:
2-oz. bottles for only £278 instead of £308
Save £30!

1/2-oz. bottles in a convenient testing box for only £89.00 instead of £98.00
Save £9!

Price: 0.00
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PIC Combo: 6 Perelandra Solutions for Dogs & Cats
Product ID: E-PCA


6 Perelandra Solutions for dogs and cats
for only £119 — Save £13!

weight: 960g
List Price: 132.00
Price: 119.00
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