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Typical Customer Feedback we received:

“I would definitely recommend Panosun as a wonderful and honest company.
The range of their products is great, but what really touched me was the way they helped me after I received the product.

It is very clear that their customer care and satisfaction is their highest priority.

In times when many shops are online, it is not easy to find a genuine company that would care about their customers in such a honest way and even after purchase is made.

Thank you very much with wishes of all the very best.“

E. T., Dorset

"These tools are fantastic!

I have been introducing them to all my friends – in fact, anyone who will listen!

Working with Martin, I feel he listens well to what I say, understands where I am and relates this to the products available to help me continue on my journey.

The MBP Balancing Solutions make me feel stable inside and helped me with my asthma and other conditions.

The Essences have been with me every step along the way. They have carried and supported me through a major transition.
With the Essences, I can observe that I am progressing and that change is occurring, and that I am doing well on my journey.

It all is VERY helpful – seriously!"

Mrs A. Robertson, Salisbury.

I can’t imagine life without MAP, both, for my professional clients, and for myself!

Personally, it has provided me with a way to deal with issues myself with my MAP team where I otherwise would have had to go and see someone for help.
It has definitely expanded the way I work: change is usually very gentle and the body and systems integrate the change properly!

Professionally, with my Professional MAP Team I feel in a very safe space, like a sacred space. It gives me the confidence that what I do is done with absolute optimum flow and integrity, and always works for the clients highest good.
The results are too numerous to mention, but people report that they feel “different” – better in themselves, and much better able to cope and live happier.

What would I do without PANOSUN!?! I would have to wait for ages for products to arrive from America. Having you here in the UK makes it all very easy to use and you provide good support and back-up for myself and my clients, should they need any MBP Balancing Solutions or Essences etc.

Co-Creative Science: what a better, more balanced world it would be if we all approached nature in this way!
Projects: I found Co-Creative Science fantastic for writers block...!

Rebecca Johnson, Kinesiologist, Oxfordshire.

Typical Customer Feedback for AQUA-VORTEX Liquid Energizer

This [Aqua-Vortex] makes drinking water a pleasure. I am very glad to have it.

Sylvia H, Calne.

I was and am really impressed with the taste of water that has gone through the Aqua-Vortex. I want to drink more water and I wish I had bought it before.

Penny Clay, Southampton.

I have been using the Aqua-Vortex coil for several years. I do not merely 'feel' or 'believe' that it invigorates the water I drink. I know it does. I have an incurable health condition that worsens somewhat if I drink water away from home where I use the Aqua-Vortex coil as part of a water-treatment plan daily. I also use such water to wash my face with good results for my complexion. I wish I had a coil big enough to install on my shower or for the bath!

S.Stonebridge, UK.

My water vortex arrived in the middle of my morning mug of tea and the second half went through it. On a state benefit I asked before ordering - Can I afford to lose £17? If it's another rip-off, will I upset myself? I decided I could bear the loss and that if I got ripped-off again I'd probably have a wry laugh and thankfully continue with what I already know works for me. "It'll probably be very subtle," I thought. It was. And definite too.
The second half had a definite but subtle vitality and body to it that the first half didn't. So I thought, I'll try some water.

When I drink water regularly I feel better and others often comment I look better but it's something I have to force myself to do, and frequently don't. Today it seemed I couldn't get enough of the stuff and even though I felt my thirst refreshingly quenched with each glass, I'd be looking forward to the next one.
I'll be going to bed soon, and I notice I'm happily looking forward to being able to drink some water tomorrow! I feel that my relationship with water is changing, including from drinking it because "it's good for me" to enjoying drinking it, to feeling it's good for me as I drink it; from having to remember to extend love and gratitude to the water to naturally feeling love and gratitude for the water as I prepare (filter and vortex) and drink it.

This might all be beginner's luck, something I've experienced before. I'll give it a while and let you know. One possibility I'm open to is that my body has been dehydrated for a long time. It would explain the thirst. Who knows what re-hydration might bring?

All the best, and thank you,

Tim Richardson, London

Dear Panosun,
I have been using the silver Aqua-Vortex for many years now (possibly 20 years), and continue to use it on a daily basis for all my drinking water. The improvement in taste is dramatic, but what I like about it most, is that it makes drinking plenty of water so easy. I actually WANT to drink more, it happens naturally rather than always feeling I OUGHT to drink more but not doing it.

Barbara W., UK.

For me the water tastes more alive and in harmony after running through the golden Spiral.

Dr Almut Renate Brandl.

I began using the AQUA-VORTEX about twelve years ago. After about three months I began to loose weight and over the following six weeks I lost over one stone, bringing me to a normal weight at which I still am. I now drink two liters of water per day, virtually no tea of coffee – much to my doctor's approval.

Frank Maher, Isle of Man.

I love my water spiralled by the AquaVortex.
Since the first sip, water tastes and feels more energetic, cleaner on my system, I drink much more, and want to drink more to re-hydrate my body.
I test my friends and even my client’s guide dog, and in a blind test everyone, including the dog chose the spiralled liquid. And that's not even the gold version.
Thank you for your excellent and useful product.

L. I., UK.

I used the AQUA-VORTEX energiser on my water in hospital. It made it taste much nicer and helped me recover quicker.
Thank you for a simple, affordable and effective product.

Jane Rees, London.

I have used the AQUA-VORTEX for two years now, and I find it provides benefits to my health and well being.
I have checked the effect on water by dowsing and have always found the water to be energized, proved using double blind trails.
I will continue to use the the product.

William Barclay, Scotland.

My first impression of the water spiral was very positive: a sort of feathery fizzle on my tongue, very delicate, almost like carbonated water but not nearly so physical. More of an invitation than an assault, which I experience when drinking carbonated water. I am usually a reluctant water drinker, but this invites me to keep trying.  With the water filter, the two make our tap water really drinkable!! Thank you so much

Auriol Smidt, UK.


The first thing I noticed with the Aqua-Vortex water was that it tasted so much better. It felt lighter, clearer and softer. I felt very energised by the water and continue to do so. Hot drinks are much better tasting.
I washed my windows and rinsed them in the water and noticed there were fewer marks/spots on the windows, whereas the normal tap water left marks.

- Pamela Williamson

Note: All of the above statements have been received voluntarily from our customers and in a manner that was advised to us by our local Trading Standards* office, by using a hard copy Permission Form with a so called 'wet' signature.
*) The Moray Council Trading Standards Service do not approve, recommend or endorse individual businesses, goods or services.

If YOU would like to send us a few words about your experience of one of our products or our customer service, we are always very glad to hear about it!

If you are happy for us to publish your testimonial in part or as a whole on our web site and/or promotional print materials, simply email us your experience and we will then put your feedback into the special Feedback and Permission Form to put it into a format we have been advised to use by The Moray Council Trading Standards Service and post that to you with a stamped addressed envelope, so you can sign and return it easily to us. Your real, 'wet' signature and contact details, enable us to use it.

OR download and print this Feedback and Permission Form and send it to us with your feedback, your details, and signed by your fair hands, as otherwise it is not valid for us to use.

Thank you!



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