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The Inner Workings of Spirals
The Inner Workings of Spirals

The Inner Workings of Spirals

A co-created study paper

by Martin Kutternik

Read an excerpt – here the beginning:

Spirals have four key functions. Before exploring them in more detail, it is useful to to understand that spirals can be in a state of energy (= form beyond the 5 senses) or be in form visible to our normal senses and in a state of energy (see Perelandra Paper #1). The effect does not change if in visible form or not (just energetic). However, for many human applications it is much more suitable, practical and reliable, to create physical spirals to render and harvest their effects.

Nature utilises the spiral – physical and non-physical – for its construction purposes and expression in form and 'energy'. The spiral is a vastly versatile key in nature's toolbox. Researchers and scientists on this planet find many thousands of shapes and instances in which nature utilises the shape of the spiral.

People living closely with nature always found the spiral as a core natural shape and as such respected it. To a certain extent, the spiral shape was used and harvested consciously, however also often unconsciously, as in decor and paintings. People just find that shape and the effect it created appealing – without consciously realising or understanding what has been created and why they feel drawn to it or like it.

The spiral rests deep inside the consciousness of this Earth. Spirals play a part in all elements found on this planet. Not all matter is directly linked to spirals, but everything can be affected by them. And as time progresses, we will more and more start to understand the significance and powerful effects of spirals, and we will develop more and more tools and environments in which the spiral and its effects are at its core. Great leaps of increased understanding of reality will be made once the spiral concept is understood more fully. Great new instruments for healing, technology, agriculture, entertainment and art will be devised as the newly understood concepts are grasped and integrated.

A word of warning to the enthusiastic however: spirals are very powerful tools which, like any tool, can be used constructively or destructively. Construction and destruction may be useful applications in which spirals can be utilised, but in the course of research, when one is still trying to learn about spirals and their effects it is easily possible to create environments which have the opposite to the desired effects. A learner can easily create a powerful tool utilising the effects of spirals to devastating effects even if this is not his original intent! A lot of responsibility rests on those working consciously with spirals, as you are utilising one of nature's key tools to manipulate your environment. The safe utilisation of spirals needs to happen in conscious partnership with nature. Working in direct partnership with nature ensures a balanced working system – in balance with its bigger environment – on all levels!

As the technology of consciously working with nature (Co-Creative Science ) is now available, it has become appropriate to reveal more of the inner workings of spirals. A lot more details will be revealed to individuals working consciously with spirals and their intelligence. But as said, it is important for those seeking to do so to educate themselves in Co-Creative Science. Man has free will and if he wants to work with some of nature's most powerful tools – which spirals are – he ought to have the understanding, wisdom and patience to work in balanced partnership with nature.

For those new to Co-Creative Science , we recommend you do not start experimenting with spiral technology as your first or second project. In the recent and not so recent past, products and instruments have been created which were out of balance, sometimes having very bad effects on their users or the environment they were located in.

Here now are described the 4 key functions of spirals. Understanding the 4 key functions is critical. Humans in general have the ability to visualise 1 to 2 functions/parameters, not 3 or 4 or more! That is why it is vital to work in conscious partnership with nature when working with spirals. Nature has the intelligence to guide you when working with something so multi-faceted and multi-dimensional as spirals are.

Try to understand each point, one by one. Trying to understand them all at the same time will be futile and should be left to nature. This does not mean one should not utilise them. However, one should utilise them with the greatest respect and the understanding that as a human one can not understand such complexity.

Spirals are such versatile and attractive tools because of their ability to fulfil so many functions when their 4 key functions are combined.

The first key function to understand is that spirals are multidimensional gateways. As a gateway, spirals open doors between dimensions and realities. Already, one can see clearly that with normal human consciousness, understanding and knowledge one can not maintain spiral technology effectively without the help of nature – which encompasses all form.

Through spirals areas of different dimensions and realities can be opened to each other. It is like a looking glass. Through a spiral one can 'look into' other dimensions and realities – this is of course dependent on the individual's ability to perceive these other dimensions and realities.

It is not just for the benefit of humans that this feature is accessed through spirals. So we humans might have very little real idea or understanding of what is being 'looked at'.

.......... continues 

weight: 10g

Price: £1.95

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