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Product ID: E-550
Perelandra ETS Plus for Soil Water in Brandy or Vinegar
Perelandra ETS Plus for Soil   Water in Brandy or Vinegar

ETS Plus for SOIL

ETS for Soil. Yes, soil! For use with both soil and soil-less gardens.

Unless you're a gardener, it's pretty easy to ignore soil. But it's actually an important element in all our lives. We walk on it, we sit on it, we barbeque on it, we build on it; we move it around, we plant in it, we manage it and mow over it, we put highways over it, we create ponds and lakes in it . . . it's the foundation of our planet and it is the underlying support for everything we do. ETS Plus for Soil is for those working with plants on any scale and also for those working with soil-less gardens.

Soil is actually a universe unto itself with its wide range of elements, layers, microbes, insects and animals that make up that universe—all of which intricately link together in a highly cooperative manner to form soil. If you are growing plants—whether in a pot, lawn, forest or a field—you want the soil your plants are growing in to be of the highest quality. This truly makes a difference with the health of the plants your soil is supporting. And this is where ETS Plus for Soil comes in. It performs a magic that has to be seen to be believed.

Soil-less Gardens:
If you have a soil-less garden that sits on soil or is supported in some way by soil—your home, business, construction or restoration project, a playground, etc.—it is critical for the strength of your "soil-less" garden that the soil upon which it sits give it the highest level of support and stabilization. ETS Plus for Soil can work wonders for your soil-less garden, and again, you will have to see it to believe it.

NOTE: The time between fall and spring is a vital time to work on the strength and balance of your soil.


Using ETS Plus for Soil for Land
  • For general balancing and strengthening as a preventive measure against soil and plant disease or infestation
  • For strengthening the soil around treasured and old plants, shrubs and trees
  • Mixing with potting soil to use in greenhouses or with house plants, atriums, terrariums and patio plants
  • After damage from storms or heavy rains causing erosion
  • For soil damage caused by acid rain, pollution, chemical spills or years of abuse or misuse
  • As a pick-me-up for garden or field soil throughout the growing season or after a hard winter
  • For preparing a new garden or field for planting or grazing
  • For optimizing the interaction between plants, soil and fertilizers

Using ETS Plus for Soil for Farms, Fields, Wildflower Meadows, Forests, Orchards and Commercial Truck Gardens

The direct application of ETS Plus for large areas will be impractical. (Actually, it would be ridiculous.) So for large areas, you may use ETS Plus for Soil by releasing it to the area using a process called "n.s. application"—which is a "nature spirit application." This is a simple yet "high tech" nature process that requires you to work in partnership with nature. You will offer the correct number of ETS Plus drops, and nature will shift the essence and electrical pattern of those drops to the area you are working with. (For this process, see inside panels) I know it may sound magical, perhaps even outrageous. However, if you are brave of heart and don’t mind trying something totally new, this is the adventure for you. Your biggest problem will be dealing with how to think about the results you will see within a few days or throughout a growing season after you apply ETS Plus for Soil to these areas. And you’ll have trouble explaining it to your friends.

Soil and Land Applied Dosages
Use the following ratios of ETS Plus for Soil in plain water when applying directly to soil or mixing with potting soil:

  • 8 drops per pint of water
  • 17 drops per quart of water
  • 23 drops per gallon of water

Do not mix ETS Plus for Soil with fertilizers. ETS Plus for Soil should be applied in a plain water solution only. If you wish to fertilize the soil, do this either 36 hours prior to or 36 hours after an ETS Plus for Soil application.

For Mixing Multiple Gallons: Multiply the number of drops per gallon (23) by the number of gallons you are mixing. (Example: 3 gallons of water will need 69 drops of ETS Plus for Soil.)

Steps for Applying to Large Areas
I have set this n.s. application process up so that anyone may use it, whether they are familiar with and use other Perelandra processes or not. You will need a spoon and a watch or clock with a second hand.

  1. Focus on the area to be treated with ETS Plus for Soil. If the area has an identifying name—such as “north field,” “south garden,” “strawberry rows,” “corn field,” “pumpkin patch, the south lawn,” “the lower orchard,” etc.—state this name and think of it while you are testing. You’ll need to visualize or think about the entire area you wish to work with while testing, and using the identifying name may make this focus easier for you. Also, it may be helpful to sketch out the boundary of the field, the forest or the section of the orchard or vegetable garden. The focus allows nature to connect the area in question with you for testing.
  2. Place 15 drops of ETS Plus for Soil in a spoon and hold the spoon out in front of you. (You will use the same number of drops no matter what makeup of soil or size area you are working with.)
  3. Say, “I would like the essence of these drops to be shifted to the soil in (name of area).”
  4. Hold the spoon out for 10 seconds. (Nature will automatically shift the pattern from the ETS Plus in the spoon to the area you are working with.)
  5. After 10 seconds, the shift will be complete. Wash the spoon. Do not try to save the remaining liquid because that ETS Plus cannot be used again.
  6. That’s it. Now watch for results.

For a Field, Forest or Land Area in Distress: Should a land area show signs of distress and/or disease, apply ETS Plus once every three weeks. Do this until the problem has passed—i.e., the soil has stabilized, its balance has been restored, its rhythms have been reestablished and the plants growing in that soil are stronger.

General Strengthening: For general strengthening of an area as a preventive measure, apply ETS Plus for Soil once every 6 weeks throughout the growing season.


Using ETS Plus for Soil for Soil-less Gardens

  • For the soil’s support when activating or changing a soil-less garden’s DDP
  • For general balancing and strengthening a soil-less garden’s structure and activities
  • For addressing problems that may arise in the course of normal daily activity
  • For addressing unexpected issues that may impact the structure, activity and flow of your soil-less garden, thus requiring a corresponding change in the soil’s support
  • For shifting the soil back to its original patterns, rhythms and activity once your soil-less garden’s goals are accomplished

In order to set up and activate a soil-less garden, you need to know how to open a coning and do kinesiology testing. These are explained and demonstrated in the Perelandra video, Working with Nature in Soil-less Gardens. Consequently, for these ETS Plus instructions, I am assuming you have the basic soil-less garden tools already in place. For the testing, you will need a spoon, a watch or clock with a second hand and, if you are keeping records, pen and paper.

When using ETS Plus for Soil, the focus is the soil that supports and stabilizes the soil-less garden and its DDP. Often, it is not apparent just what area of soil is providing that support. Whenever I set up to work with a soil-less garden’s soil, I open the coning for the soil-less garden I’m working with and say, “I’d like to do an ETS Plus test for the soil supporting this soil-less garden.” Immediately, the coning will “plug” into those areas and aspects of the surrounding soil that are linked to and provide the supporting foundation for that soil-less garden. If you have two active soil-less gardens within the same environment, there could be different elements and aspects of the soil that support each garden. By setting up for the test as I have indicated, nature identifies those different soil elements for you.


Steps for Soil-less Gardens

  1. Open the coning you have set up for your soil-less garden. State: “I’d like to do an ETS Plus test for the soil supporting this soil-less garden.” Wait 5 seconds for the full connection to the soil to occur.
  2. Then ask, “How many drops of ETS Plus for Soil are needed?” Do a sequential kinesiology test. Place the correct number of drops in a clean spoon and hold the spoon out in front of you.
  3. State: “I would like the essence of these drops to be shifted to the soil supporting (name of soil-less garden).” Hold the spoon out for 10 seconds while the shift occurs.
  4. After 10 seconds, the shift will be complete. Wash the spoon. Do not try to save the remaining liquid because that ETS Plus cannot be used again.
  5. That’s it. If you have no other business to do with your coning, close the coning down.

During Times of Soil-less Garden Distress: If a soil-less garden is not functioning well or seems to be “stuck,” apply ETS Plus for Soil once every 5 weeks. Do this until the problem has passed. Open the coning, set up for an ETS Plus test and state that you wish to test the soil as it relates to (describe the issues/problems). Then follow steps 2 through 5 as listed above.

General Strengthening: To do a general strengthening and balancing of a soil-less garden’s soil as a preventive measure, test for and release ETS Plus once every 10 weeks.

Activating a Soil-less Garden’s DDP: It is helpful, even essential, when activating a DDP to make sure the soil that supports that DDP is strong and balanced. Right after a DDP has been activated, set up for testing its soil by using the Steps for Testing ETS Plus for Soil for Soil-less Gardens. However, in step 1 you will now state: “I’d like to do an ETS Plus test for the soil supporting this soil-less garden’s DDP.”

Follow steps 2 through 5 as listed.

Should you change your DDP at a later date, be sure you also test for ETS Plus for Soil right after activating that new DDP.

For an Already-Activated Soil-less Garden and DDP: If you have a soil-less garden and DDP that are already activated and functioning, I strongly suggest you test the supporting soil for ETS Plus for Soil. First, test for the soil-less garden by following steps 1 through 5 in Steps for Testing ETS Plus for Soil for Soil-less Gardens. Then set up and test the soil supporting that soil-less garden’s DDP using the steps as described in Activating a Soil-less Garden’s DDP.

Short-term Soil-less Gardens: When the soil-less garden’s goals have been accomplished and your soil-less garden is ready to be permanently closed down and de-activated, be sure to “release” the soil by stating: “I would like for the soil that supported this soil-less garden and its DDP to be shifted back to its normal patterns and rhythms.” Then test ETS Plus in light of the soil’s shift and follow steps 2 through 5 in Steps for Testing ETS Plus for Soil for Soil-less Gardens.

ETS Plus for Soil has been created from a combination of electrical infusions from 167 different plants, minerals, natural gases and elements found in the sea, atmosphere and on land. During the production process, Machaelle works with nature to combine these components. In the first phase of the process, nature restores each element to its original state of balance, thus eliminating any damage that has been caused by environmental breakdown and human interference. This allows ETS Plus for Soil to be made with balanced and “clean” ingredients. In the next phase of the production process, the balanced electrical patterns for each of these 167 elements are combined. The somewhat explosive result is a completely new, unified, complex electrical pattern that has as its foundation the patterns from all the elements required for ETS Plus for Soil.

The electrical pattern for ETS Plus for Soil is then released to and stabilized in water. White distilled vinegar is added as a preservative. ETS Plus for Soil is a natural and organic product and is completely safe for plants, children, animals and anyone with a compromised immune system.
Note: It is not intended for internal use.

If none of this makes sense to you, just remember that you probably don’t understand how your microwave or television works, yet you can use them quite successfully. With ETS Plus for Soil, you may not understand how this thing is produced or how it works but, like the microwave, you can still use it successfully and with excellent results.

ETS Plus for Soil is specially protected from any harmful impact caused by environmental pollutio r travel security procedures, including x- ray.

Available in two sizes: Bottle Math Info
• Regular size: 2-oz / 59.1ml 
• Small size:  1/2-oz / 14.8ml

How long each 2-oz. or 1/2-oz. bottle will last depends on usage.

Preservative brandy. Only the larger 2-oz bottle is availabe in vinegar also.

Copyright Perelandra. With kind permission from Perelandra, Centre for Nature Research.

weight: 50g/160g

NEW: Handy Perelandra Solutions Worksheet for Projects / Soil-less Gardens


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