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Product ID: B-Col1
Change Your Life Today With The Secret Power Of COLOR
Change Your Life Today With The Secret Power Of COLOR
Do you want to know about how to change your life by tapping into the magical power of color?

The desire to understand the effects of color and their benefit for human beings is not “the latest trend”. Past civilisations realised the effect of colors and used them to cure and to intensify results during rituals and in healing’s. Inside this book you’ll discover the pioneers of the past and experts in the field of color and their fascinating insights into the way color affects humans and all biological life.
If you are interested in what color is, its effects  and how to apply it to change your life, this guide is for you.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside this book:

• Understanding how color can help you to be more balanced
• The fascinating history of pioneers of color and their contribution to understanding color.
• Change your thoughts and improve your life, with the various Personal Change Color Exercises sprinkled throughout the book.
• Some amazing insights into color theory and color therapy
• Come to understand the difference between Newton’s and Goethe’s observations about color, light and darkness.
• Chakras for beginners: Understand the relationship between chakras and color - A chakra healing meditation is also included
• Helpful descriptions of the effects of all the specific main colors.
• Transform your problems or stuck states with The Color Polarity Exercise
• Balance your energy system using the Color Wheel Tool with a helpful link to a website for more color experiences.
• And more...

Paperback: 80 pages

weight: 130g

Personal Change Color Exercise: Color Wheel Exercise:
Colour Wheel
Go to this webpage: http://www.effective-color.com/  
By allowing your eyes to gaze at a certain color, on the wheel, you will help to balance your overall Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual (PEMS) levels.  Click on the color you feel drawn to for a more intense color bath of that color. 
A more advanced way of using the Color Wheel is to do the above exercise first and then hold an issue/problem you want to address in your mind while you allow your eyes to go to a color they feel drawn too. This way you give your system some overall balance first and then from that balance you get more input for a specific issue/problem.

~   ~  ~

"This is a fascinating book by two authors who bring their individual knowledge and skills together with excellent results. One of them is a colour therapist, the other, an expert in various personal growth modalities. The result is a rich and engaging book, full of useful information and guidance.

The first third of the book takes the reader on a romp through the history of thinking and research into light and colour. Then follows and interesting and ambitious blend of the science of colour and its more esoteric applications, interspersed with a series of practical exercises in separate text boxes. Finally, the authors offer an in depth analysis of the value and meaning of each colour that will no doubt appeal to designers, therapists and the general population. The appendices and references are also very useful.

All in all, this is an ambitious piece of work, quite unique in its breadth as far as I know. Highly recommended."
— Graham Meltzer

What a fascinating book. Until someone explains the significance of colour in our lives, one tends to take it more or less for granted. This interesting book introduces some remarkable new angles on how colour affects our mood and outlook, and how we can harness the mental, physical, and spiritual effects of colour in many aspects of our lives. There's also some practical explanations of the science and physics behind colour studies. I learned a lot.
— anaonymous review on amazon

The knowledge available in this book is vast and if use properly can carry you to heights unimagined. I have know little on the topic of colors but what I already knew carrried me a long way in business and marketing. This little remarkable powerful book is a must read.
— Al-Khemet
Price: 9.95

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