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We are phasing out selling Medicinal Mushrooms

All Stock 25% Discount

After many years of successfully selling the powerful and high quality Host Defense medicinal mushroom products, created by the world top fungi expert Paul Stamets, we are now phasing out selling them.

Medicinal Mushrooms are now being (re-)discovered for great health support, esp. in Cancer Support.

For more information on their Targeted Therapeutic Effect, see the
Cross-Reference Chart.

We have seen and heard of many amazing success-stories with these mushroom products. We are glad we could offer these products to help people, who often found themselves in desperate situations. But we have had a notice from the manufacturer/supplier, that they, for legal reasons, are no longer allowed to supply into the EU. See copy of that email below.

If you want these products, we recommend you purchase stock now. We are selling while stocks last on a first-come, first-serve basis, and we offer them to you now at a 25% discount. Simply order on-line now.

The best before date on the items vary. We belief that products that have a best before date of 3 years will also last 5 years, if stored cool. In contrast, items that expire in a couple of days will go off quickly soon after.

If you are looking for a new way to help and support yourself, we can highly recommend PIC or any of the other amazing Perelandra products and processes.

Contact us if you need help deciding or have any questions.

Here our current stock – updated 3.11.2020.

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Book: MycoMedicinals®  

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MyCommunity™ Capsules 60 CAP  
sold out
-- as above but 120 -- 120 CAP  
sold out
Stamets 7® Capsules 60 CAP  
sold out
CordyChi® Capsules 60 CAP  
Cordyceps Capsules 60 CAP exp: 12/21

sold out

-- as above but 120 -- 120 CAP  
sold out
Agarikon Capsules 60 CAP  
sold out
Reishi Capsules 60 CAP  
sold out
-- as above but 120 -- 120 CAP  
sold out
Maitake Capsules 60 CAP  
sold out
-- as above but 120 -- 120 CAP  
sold out
Lion’s Mane Capsules 60 CAP  
sold out
Chaga Capsules 60 CAP  
sold out
Turkey Tail Capsules 60 CAP  
sold out
-- as above but 120 -- 120 CAP  
sold out
Breath Capsules 60 CAP  
sold out
Brain Capsules 60 CAP  
sold out
Liver Capsules 60 CAP  
sold out
Woman Capsules 60 CAP  
sold out
MycoShield™ Throat Spray 1-oz. PEPPERMINT  
sold out
MycoShield™ Throat Spray 1-oz. CINNAMON  


That E-mail:
dated 6. July 2019

Greetings Mr. Kutternik,

We recently received notification from our organic certifier, Washington State Department of Agriculture, that we can no longer sell into the EU. At this time we must cease sales to Panosun indefinitely.

This is based on the US-EU organic equivalency arrangement and EU-regulation that prohibits product labeled "made with organic...".

If you can provide legal counsel that can show how we may continue reselling our products with the current organic and labeling standards, then we are willing to assess that risk and re-evaluate our decision.

This is not an easy decision, and is necessary for us to remain compliant and certified.

We wish you the best in your future endeavors and hope that we can one day work together again.

With great regard and respect,

Sarah Simpson
Customer Service Manager
Host Defense® Mushrooms


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