Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pangarden Game the same as the Findhorn Game of Transformation?

The PANGARDEN™ Game is a totally independent new development by people from the Findhorn Community in Scotland.

Decisions in the game are made through the player, who may use intuition or co-creative skills; it is an intuitive game and uses no dice.

It is based on principles of systemic constellation / family constellation after Bert Hellinger.

It taps into the field of knowledge in us and incorporates non-violent communication, holistic healing principles, flower essences and knowledge about Miasms from homeopathy.

Pangarden utilises co-creation with nature, spirit and the human world to allow deep graceful shifts.

One does not need training or a facilitator to enjoy the Pangarden Game; one can play it on ones own too.

The PANGARDEN Game was developed within the Findhorn Community through Co-Creative Science (after Machaelle Small Wright / Perelandra – Center for Nature Research).