Play Pangarden to transform real-life issues

in a positive and constructive way!


Find Answers to



Gain New Perspectives



Optimise Relationships

Support Your Projects



‘Human beings have an inherent ability
to create accurate pictures of inner situations
with which they can grasp, comprehend and explore their inner reality.’

~ Yehuda Tagar; Founder of Psychophonetics






"Pangarden – one hundred times better than tarot!
And you don't need any training. Fantastic & very powerful!"

John Jezewski


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PANGARDEN is for you to enjoy with your Friends and Family

or on your own

or in Consultancy and Coaching.


Be Ready for Wonderful Changes in Your Life!

"It is amazing how playing Pangarden helps reveal the opportunities hidden in challenges and difficulties. The joy, ease and beauty of new insights and the discovery of strong solutions is awe-inspiring!
Pangarden is a deeply enriching tool — an 'oracle' of our times for all modern holistic people. It genuinely meets the need for supportive connection and uplifting cooperation; a truly valuable friend for all aspects of life!"

Antje Rickowski & Martin Kutternik
Holistic Practitioners & Pangarden Developers


– play the game of your life!


For Adults and Children 6+ if playing with adult

Players: 1–5 and more

Duration: approx. 40 min.

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