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Divine Harmony Essences
Deep acting combinations for personal transformation during this time of change and spiritual growth.

The Divine Harmony Essences provide the tools that can help us restore the balance between body, mind, emotions & spirit that will allow us to manifest our own highest potential. Each combination contains a carefully selected blend of essences and facilitates inner change & transformation that is gentle, effective and life enhancing. See the selection.

Which do I need?

Start with the issue that seems to be most on the surface, with the recognition that other layers will unfold as you work with this one. Or use your intuition to guide you to a combination that will help you to work with the issues that are most important for now.

How to Use?

Take 4 drops on the tongue from your chosen combination between 2 and 4 times a day, continuing until the bottle is finished. We do not recommend taking more than one combination at a time. Preferably take away from food and drink. These are all stock level combinations, to gain maximum benefit from your combination we recommend that you take it without further dilution.

What does each Divine Harmony Essence do?

The Divine Harmony Essences are a set of 40 powerful and deep acting Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence combinations working with a wide range of issues.

Each of the 40 combinations in this set has a particular focus and is designed to gently release old blocked thoughts, feelings and emotions. As this process happens, it offers you the opportunity to raise your level of consciousness, and to move beyond your previous limitations.

Each Divine Harmony Essences is a specifically designed combination to work with a particular issue or set of issues. The essences in each combination will help you to begin to work with and release the issues for which the combination is designed. There are a broad range of combinations covering many issues from releasing fear, anger, guilt, self worth, to forgiveness, clarity, inner certainty and many more.

More about the Divine Harmony Essences:

The Divine Harmony Essences have been created with spiritual help and guidance to assist us during this time of change, transformation and spiritual growth. We currently live in exciting times where the opportunities for personal and spiritual growth are greater than they have been for a very long time.

We are beginning a new period of human evolution in which it is essential that we each become aware of the voice of our Soul calling us to 'wake-up' and remember consciously that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience on Earth. The process of change and transformation that we each go through as we 'wake-up' is rather like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

Viewed from this perspective we can see that for thousands of years and many incarnations we have been in the 'caterpillar' stage of development, largely unaware that there is anything beyond the material realm of existence. To reach the 'butterfly' stage - which will allow us to fly freely in conscious union with our Soul, we must first pass through the transforming 'chrysalis' stage.

This is a time of introspection where we look deeply within ourselves at the limiting beliefs and emotional issues that relate to previous experiences in our 'caterpillar' stage. It is these deeply held patterns of the personality self which block conscious connection with our Soul.

The Divine Harmony Essences are designed to help with this period of transformation. Each combination contains four or five deep acting Flower Essences and Gem/Crystal Essences with a focus on a particular limiting belief or issue. As you take the combinations the positive natural energies contained within them gently help to release old blocked energies from body, mind & emotions, offering an opportunity to raise your consciousness and to choose to move beyond your previous limitation.

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