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Perelandra Essences Small: Dram Sets: Rose II, Nature Program & Soul Ray  Water in Brandy or Vinegar 3.7ml
Product ID: E-207


25 dram bottles  – Water in Brandy or Vinegar 3.7ml:

weight: 460g

Price: 159.00
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Empty Solution Bottles
Product ID: E-401


Price: 1.50
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Solution Bottle Labels
Product ID: E-407


We recommend that solution bottles be labeled so that you don’t get them mixed up. We’ve preprinted these solution labels to help make it easier for you to note the pertinent information right on the bottle. We offer a pack of 120 printed, pressure-stick bottle labels.

weight: 15g
Price: 4.00
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Replacement Droppers, 1/2-oz. size (pack of 9)
Product ID: E-412


Replacement Droppers, (pack of 9)
Size: for the 1/2-oz. / 14.8ml bottles

weight: 45g

Price: 14.00
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Replacement Droppers, Dram size (pack of 9)
Product ID: E-412D


Replacement Droppers (pack of 9)
Size: for the small Dram / 3.7ml bottles

weight: 30g 

Price: 14.00
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Dram Essences Testing Box
Product ID: E-413D


Bottles not included.

weight: 180g

Price: 12.00
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Perelandra Essences Testing Box and D-I-Y Kit: All Sets with empty Dram Bottles
Product ID: E-451


This is for those of you who already have the 1/2-oz. sets and wish to have a smaller, more portable dram-size set... 

weight: 540g

Price: 84.00
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3 x 2-oz Perelandra ETS Plus
Product ID: E-50X3x2oz


These wonderful three different Perelandra ETS Plus Solutions are needed to work effectively with Soil-less Gardens and are an optional add-on to the Pangarden Game.

We recommend them highly!

weight: 480g

Price: 66.00
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ETS Plus for Humans (Emergency Solution)  Water in Brandy or Vinegar
Product ID: E-510


Perelandra's ETS for Humans is the perfect solution that fits everyone's needs for any sudden or "unscheduled" physical, emotional or mental situation that can be large or small, serious or passing.

small 1/2-oz Brandy - that option is currently not available.
You may still order it if you are prepared to wait till new stock arrives with us – or choose alternative options available.

weight: 50g / 160g / 450g each

Price: 0.00
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2-oz Bottle ETS Plus for Animals  Water in Brandy or Vinegar 59ml
Product ID: E-520


ETS Plus

Bigger Bottle: 2-oz (59.1ml)  Bottle Math Info
This bigger 2-oz. size is only available in Brandy preservative.

weight: 160g

Price: 24.00
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1/2-oz ETS Plus for Animals  Water in Brandy or Vinegar 14ml
Product ID: E-521


ETS Plus

small 1/2-oz (14.8ml)   Bottle Math Info

weight: 50g each

Price: 10.00
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8-oz. Refill Perelandra ETS Plus for Animals  Water in Brandy 236ml
Product ID: E-528


Large 8-oz (236.6ml) refill bottle ETS Plus for Animals
Bottle Math Info
weight: 450g

Price: 80.00
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2-oz ETS Plus for Plants  Water in Brandy or Vinegar 59ml
Product ID: E-530



weight: 160g

Price: 24.00
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2-bottle Immune and Lymphatic Combo 2-oz.  Water in Brandy or Vinegar 59ml
Product ID: E-921


These two systems work hand-in-hand. For your over-all immune functions, it is important to support both your immune and lymphatic systems.

weight: 320g

Price: 48.00
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The Most Important Daily Solutions Right Now
Product ID: E-ILRV


Some of these solutions are sold out.
You may still order it if you are prepared to wait till new stock arrives with us – or choose alternative options available. Please see
Our Status on our homepage for more details.

We recommend taking these Solutions twice daily:
Price: 96.00
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EoP Infusion Pump
Product ID: EIP


Continuous stabilizing, strengthening and balancing as you move through your day.

weight: 21g
Price: 8.00
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New! EoP Infusion Pump 5-Packs
Product ID: EIP5


Have you sent your EoP Infusion Pump through the laundry yet? Lost it? Given it away?

 weight: 105g 
List Price: 34.00
Price: 36.00
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Hygeia Eye-Strenghtening Chart
Product ID: EYE-CH


Developed by the leading holistic research centre for colour and light from work by Rudolf Steiner and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

 After extensive colour and light research on how to keep the human eye flexible and responsive, this valuable Eye-Strengthening Chart was developed by Hygeia Studios and its pioneer, the late Theophilus Heliodor Gimbel.

Its benefits result from offering maximum exercise to the eye and related inner senses!

The card is divided into three very specific sections and comes with easy to follow instructions.

To use the chart, you simply allow your eyes to rest whilst looking at two complementary coloured shapes – one at a time – with a re-balancing period spent looking at the white centre.

To give your eyes maximum exercise, two specific colours have been chosen: a special red to make them focus on close-up, and a special blue to create long-distance focus. In between, you allow your eyes to completely relax, looking at the white space on the chart and allowing the after-images to appear and fade, exercising inner senses and awareness.

A complete cycle only takes about 5 minutes. It is extremely simple, and due to the after-image-effects, fascinating and fun to do.

We believe this chart can be used to help exercise eyes (e.g. computer users and others whose eyes are under particular strain) and may also help those with long or short-sight to relieve strain. Experience shows that, in most cases, effects can already be observed after only 1 to 3 weeks. Also, people with healthy vision may find support in their overall visual ability. Only very positive reports have been received since this chart was first tested and made available over 30 years ago.

Extended no risk guarantee: If not entirely satisfied please return for a full refund within 60 days!

weight: 60g

Price: 12.95
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Man-Opause 2-bottle Combo for Men 2-oz.  Water in Brandy or Vinegar 59ml
Product ID: F-922-Male


 So, the guys felt somewhat left out when we announced the Menopause Combo. In the spirit of gender-neutral equality and the fact that men have their own cycle shifts, we now offer a discounted two-bottle combination.

weight: 320g
Price: 48.00
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Perelandra Soil Balancing Process Kit
Product ID: G-101


Price: 30.00
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Replacement Vial for G-101
Product ID: G-102


Price: 4.50
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Perelandra Soil Balancing Kit II
Product ID: G-401


This kit is for those who may already have the Soil Balancing Kit, and wish to work with the complete Expanded Balancing Process Kit. It consists of the Hard-to-Find Balancers, Easy-to-Find Balancers and the Easy Testing Box.

NOTE: We are supplying the UK equivalent of the Hard-and-Easy-to-Find Balancers Perelandra recommends and supplies, and not the balancers from the USA, as these items are available also here in the UK.

weight: 2000g
List Price: 281.90
Price: 270.00
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