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Product ID: EYE-CH
Hygeia Eye-Strenghtening Chart
Hygeia Eye-Strenghtening Chart
Where and how to use it
Display your chart somewhere you can see it well; a place with good light.
Some people display the chart so they can exercise their eyes whilst relaxing in the bath. Other people display it on toilet doors and walls, or on a bedroom wall. All these are fine. 


If you usually wear glasses or contact lenses, do the exercises without them.

Do the exercise in a relaxed state. Make an effort to do the exercise at least once a day in order to gain the most effect. During the exercise do not use any effort, but rather in as relaxed a manner as possible. If you experience tension around your eyes during the exercise, relax them and tell yourself “I relax my eyes and I experience peace.”


If you exercise regularly, as described in the instructions for use on the back of the chart, you should experience effects after 1 to 3 weeks. We suggest you continue with regular exercise.

Look at the chart from about 3 to 6 feet away (about 80 cm to 160 cm) and follow the cycle as described below, resting the eyes on each section for about 20 to 30 seconds as follows:

1) Blue ca. 25 seconds 3) Red ca. 25 seconds
2) White/after-image ca. 25 seconds 4) white/after-image ca. 25 seconds

 5) Repeat steps 1 to 4 about four to seven times, always finishing on the blue (step 1 & 2).



How does it work?  What does it do?

The Colours:
The two colours, red and turquoise-blue, are specially chosen to give the eyes maximum exercise. Bad eyesight is often a result of looking and focusing on the same distance constantly (and you may find there is a parallel in life in general).

The two opposing colours on the Eye-Strengthening Chart make the eye focus on different depths, although looked at from the same distance. This gives the eyes the focusing exercise they need to be healthy.

White / After-Image:
As you look at the white (and relax!!) you will see the after-image, as a sort of glow in the complementary colour, appear in front of your eyes. This is normal and an important part of the exercise. Try to focus in a very relaxed way. Relax and try to stop any thoughts, so that the after image stays with you for about 25 seconds, fading during that time. It will disappear if you lose your relaxed focus, but will return again when you manage to relax your focus again. Consciously take control of your mind.  This is a way of exercising you inner senses, and is a very important part of seeing. 

Useful tips and further helpful information:

When you work on computer screens, your eyes focus on close-up. A very simple trick to give them regular exercise during this time is to use turquoise-blue as the highlighting colour. This allows your eyes to occasionally go into ‘far-distance-mood’ for a few seconds.

Avoid fluorescent-tube lighting (also the new energy saving light bulbs are fluorescent-tubes):
This type of lighting is very unnatural. Even the inventor of this type of lighting himself stated that it should only be used in emergencies – not for general lighting purposes as used today.

Besides containing (and emitting the quality of) the highly toxic heavy metal mercury, there are two significant shortcomings of this type of lighting: 

  1. The light is not permanent – unlike the light from the Sun or fire. It flickers (on-off) at a rate at 100 times a second, which is mostly not noticeable to the naked eye, but does affect and tire our body systems.
  2. The second shortfall is the very limited bandwidth of light. Our bodies evolved under the full spectrum of the Sun. The ‘food’ it receives from this type of light is essential to the well functioning body and psyche. Fluorescent-tube lighting only supplies very narrow bandwidths of light, missing out complete chunks of the spectrum, therefore not feeding body and soul appropriately. Many people working under this type of light report sickness and illness on a very frequent basis. Studies done with schoolchildren show clearly that the ability of children to learn and do well at school increased a dramatic 15% when not taught under this form of light. Unfortunately this light remains very common today, even in schools and hospitals.
Avoid this light and use full spectrum daylight bulbs whenever possible. These are made from glass which is slightly blue in colour to create an artificial light as close as economically possible to natural daylight. There are also full spectrum fluorescent tubes available, which of course are better than the standard tubes. And there are also flicker-free fittings for tubes available. These are relatively expensive but, combined with full spectrum tubes, create an excellent and healthy light in places where using light bulbs would be too uneconomical in the long run.

For balance and well being, enjoy healthy sunlight whenever possible and sleep in as dark as possible conditions.


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