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Product ID: E-540
2-oz. Perelandra ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens Water in Brandy or Vinegar 59ml
2-oz. Perelandra ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens  Water in Brandy or Vinegar 59ml
ETS Plus for SOIL-LESS GARDENS (for Projects) 
2-oz./59.1ml  Bottle Math Info

ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens is quite an interesting breakthrough for those who are working with nature to create any soil-less garden or project. To be honest, it is an extraordinary tool that needs to be used in order for its results to be believed. It is simple, it is powerful and it operates beyond our reason or logic.

A soil-less garden can be your job; any of the creative arts; your home and family; a business during the development, building and maintenance stages; large and small building projects; a classroom for both teacher and student; a research project; a report or paper . . . It can also be a personal goal such as putting together a wedding or anniversary celebration, an important gathering, buying a home, getting the best mortgage for that home, and figuring out the best thing to do to assist a spouse, child or other loved one in need. For example, your project may be what you can do to help a spouse or child with drug problems. This is a project with a goal. Everything pertaining to that goal needs strong order, organization and the correct life vitality. And it can all be greatly assisted, clarified, balanced and strengthened with ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens. 

Nature defines "form" as a reality where there is order, organization and life vitality (action) combined with a state of consciousness. In a soil-less garden, the project we are working with must have order, organization and life vitality in order to exist. We humans supply one half of the consciousness by giving a project its definition, direction and purpose or goals. Nature intelligence supplies the other half of a project's consciousness by supplying all the matter, means and action that are needed to meet the project’s goals. Every activity, element, structure, idea and thought must, by definition, contain order, organization and life vitality. Projects — whether personal or professional — with all their activity, elements and structures are as alive as any garden growing in soil.

ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens was specially created by nature to repair, balance and strengthen the order, organization and life vitality of the many areas and elements that make up a soil-less garden. In other words, this ETS Plus is like a balancing and strengthening tonic for your project. You can approach your project with ETS Plus in two ways: 

1. It can be used to establish and maintain overall general balance throughout the project’s development and operation.

2. And it can be used to establish balance, clarity and strength for any specific problem areas from a project’s inception and throughout its development and operation.


By using ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens to monitor, repair and maintain balance, clarity and strength, our personal and professional projects will develop and function with greater clarity and ease.

In short, by using ETS Plus for a project, you can eliminate problems or blocks and the resulting hair-pulling frustrations that can occur while trying to get a project up and keep it operating successfully. In their place you will experience an amazing, exciting adventure as you and nature work together to create something that fully reflects your definition, direction and purpose for each project.

Different Ways for Using ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens
  • You may test for ETS Plus when you activate a new soil-less garden.

  • You may maintain overall balance for your project as it moves through its many stages by doing a general balancing with ETS Plus.

  • You may address specific problem areas and blocks that come up by doing a general balancing combined with a soil-less garden telegraph test for that particular issue.

  • You may monitor and address the order, organization and life vitality balance within the project's different departments or separate stages of activity as you move through the tricky development stages.

  • Once up and operating, you may use ETS Plus to monitor and balance your project on a regular basis by doing a general balancing every two weeks or monthly.

  • If your project involves sending printed material out, you may balance that material just prior to its going to the post office. This will adjust any problems in the order, organization and life vitality aspects of the material that occurred during the paper production and printing processes. As a result, your customers and clients will respond more easily to the intent and goals of your material. Why? Because the balanced object they are holding in their hands will put them at ease and this will give them the desire to read what’s on the paper.

  • You can use the ETS Plus and its process for monitoring and maintaining the working balance of machinery, tools, electronic equipment, etc. These items all have order, organization and life vitality. Wherever the three elements exist, ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens can be used.

  • If you use any of the Perelandra energy processes (Energy Cleansing, Battle Energy Release, Triangulation Process, etc.) for a soil-less garden, this ETS Plus can be tested at the end of the process as part of the balancing and stabilizing. It would be offered in the testing as both a balancer and a stabilizer, in addition to the essences and balancers.

Perelandra ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens has been created by nature from a combination of electrical infusions from 122 different plants, minerals, natural gases and elements found in the sea, atmosphere and on land. During the production process, Machaelle works with nature to combine the components needed. In the first phase of the process, nature restores each element back to its original state of balance, thus eliminating any damage that has been caused by environmental breakdown and human interference. This allows ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens to be made with balanced and "clean" ingredients. And it enables the elements to release their original balancing properties to ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens when applied. In the next phase of the production process, the balanced electrical patterns for each of these elements are combined. The somewhat explosive result is a completely new, single, complex electrical pattern that has as its foundation the patterns from all the elements required for the ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens.
ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens electrical patterns are then released to and stabilized in water. It is preserved in brandy. It is a natural product.

If none of this makes sense to you, just remember that you probably don't understand how your microwave or television works, yet you can use them quite successfully. With ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens, you may not understand how this thing is produced but, like the microwave, you can still use it successfully and with excellent results.

ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens is environmental and security-device protected and is not affected by environmental pollution or travel security procedures.

 We can't say how long a 2-ounce bottle will last because it depends on how often the person is consciously working with a soil-less garden and how much interference and disturbance that project is experiencing.

Copyright Perelandra. With kind permission from Perelandra, Centre for Nature Research.

weight: 160g

NEW: Handy Perelandra Solutions Worksheet for Projects / Soil-less Gardens


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