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Product ID: B-115
Book: The Perelandra Essences
Book: The Perelandra Essences
A Revolution in Our Understanding and Approach to Illness and Health

by  Machaelle Small Wright
Now, at first blush you may be thinking that this is just an update of Machaelle's earlier book, Flower Essences. But that book is almost 25 years old. A lot of research and work have gone on since it was published. With The Perelandra Essences, Machaelle takes the gloves off and presents the Essences as they were actually designed to be used and in a new, comprehensive health program. The old Flower Essences information served as a platform for taking a gigantic leap forward with the new information in The Perelandra Essences. It includes:
  • Updated and improved processes for dealing with everyday illness and injury
  • Expanded information on the human electric system, it's relationship to all illness — simple to serious — and why the Perelandra Essences are so effective
  • A detailed process for using the Perelandra Essences for chronic and long-term illness and injury
  • New information for using the Perelandra Essences for surgery, amputation and phantom limb syndrome
  • Brand new processes such as The Health Overhaul Suggestion, the Head-Start Program and the Daily Symptom Sweep
  • The steps for creating quality BTT checklists and CI checklists, including adding the "magic ingredient"
  • An entire section with expanded information on surrogate testing adults, children and animals
  • Updated, simplified and improved processes such as the Body/Soul Fusion Process, the Calibration Process, the Post-Death Process and the Cauliflower Birth Stabilizing Process
  • A big chapter on ETS Plus with more details on when to take it and how to use it with the Essences
  • Machaelle's renowned humor, which helps you absorb all the new information
  • 63 photographs
  • Sample charts and examples
  • A great format for reading ease, following the steps and finding information

In short, The Perelandra Essences isn't just an update of the Flower Essences book. It totally replaces the old book! If you are currently using the Perelandra Essences or you have used them in the past, this book is essential for you to have on hand because it will completely revamp and improve your approach to using the Essences. If you have been intrigued about the Perelandra Essences and you have thought about including them in your health regimen, this new book is your owner's manual. To help you take this quantum leap forward, here's what we are offering.

This book will change the way you view your health, your ability to take charge of it and care for yourself and your family. What more can we say?!

Soft cover, lay-flat binding (8-1/2 inches x 11 inches = 21.6 cm x 28 cm, 288 pages)


© Copyright Perelandra.
With kind permission from Perelandra, Centre for Nature Research

This chart is important when working with the Basic Telegraph Test, and when telegraph testing chronic or serious illness and injury.
You may
download the chart at no cost here from the Prelandra website.

••• BLANK PERELANDRA ESSENCES RECORD CHARTS are also available to download and print at no charge from the Prelandra website.

••• Here you find the actual Perelandra Essences Sets.

••• A DVD companion:
DVD-2: The Human Electrical System and Flower Essences is a wonderful visual companion to this book. Not only will you have the written steps for testing essences, you can also see Machaelle demonstrate them. This makes learning to use essences especially easy. She also demonstrates how to use kinesiology, the testing tool for finding out which essences you need.

weight: 950g
Price: 19.50

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