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SYS-MATS™ – the Systemic Table-Top Tool for Therapy, Coaching and Play. SYS-MATS™
– the Systemic Table-Top Tool for Therapy, Coaching and Play.








Pangarden supports:
Trees for Life


When and how to play


  • Effectively Realise Goals – Properly Support Your Projects
  • Harmoniously Optimise Relationships
  • Quickly Understand and Address Patterns
  • Find Meaningful Answers to Life-Questions
  • Successfully Address Issues Problems and Stress in Your Life
  • Gain Helpful, Deep, New Perspectives
  • Clarify and Shed Light Onto Anything You Want To
  • Creatively Develop and Explore Completely New Options
  • .....

You can also support a friend or a group of people you are involved with by playing the game with them.

Pangarden is not a competitive game – there are no 'winners' and no 'losers' in this Game.
The aim is to solve a problem in harmony for all involved and for the benefit of the greater balance.
The 'winner' in this game is always balance, evolution and you!

That's how you play the Game:

1. Arrange the game components (MapMat piles, card boxes, etc.) on an empty surface/table.
Familiarise yourself with the different card sets.

2. Describe the issue/situation you want to address on the game-chart.

3. Lay out the situation:

    • select a MapMat for yourself and place it
    • select MapMat(s) for the other/goal/problem and place them in relationship to yours, so that it feels right

4. Describe situation, observe insights and feelings; document them.

5. With the question
"What do I need to better understand and solve this issue?"
intuitively choose one of the options:

  • select card(s) from a set you feel drawn to and place them where you feel they belong to
  • place more MapMats to represent more aspects
  • select and place suitable sparkles
  • talk more about the layout
  • move MapMats/cards to reflect any changes you notice

6. Observe new insights and feelings; describe and document them.

7. Repeat step 5 & 6 until the game-process feels complete.

8. Select integration support action if needed.




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