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SYS-MATS™ – the Systemic Table-Top Tool for Therapy, Coaching and Play. SYS-MATS™
– the Systemic Table-Top Tool for Therapy, Coaching and Play.








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EXTRAS: (Co-Creative Science Tools)

1) Perelandra ETS Plus [more info]

The Perelandra ETS Plus Solutions are not a Pangarden product and are not included in your Game Box (but we left space for them – simply remove the cardboard).
These Solutions have been developed by Perelandra, Centre for Nature Research, Virginia, USA.

We are finding the Perelandra ETS Plus Solutions most beneficial in life and they add great flow, power and support to the Pangarden Game! If their application seems strange to you at first, we encourage you to still use them according to the directions. You will soon notice their benefits too.

In the brown envelope in your Game Box are the cards matching the colours of the three Solutions. They explain the use of each Solution for this Game only!
Complete using instructions for the use of the Perelandra ETS Plus Solutions in your life – outside of the Pangarden Game – are enclosed when you order the solutions or can be found on this website here.

NOTE: The ETS Plus Trauma Solution for Humans can be ordered with Brandy or Vinegar as a preservative.


2) MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program

The Pangarden-Game can be played in various ways: By playing using the ability to open a 'Coning' you invite helpful new support and input in a conscious way.

By being able to use Kinesiology testing, you play the game using a higher degree of accuracy and as a result you may experience faster, deeper progress as the game goes on.
This is descibed in the Guide and in great detail in this MAP book.

To open Conings and Kinesiology can be easily learned from the MAP book: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program by Machaelle Small Wright, Perelandra publishing.

Through this co-creative way of playing within an opened Coning and with the help of Kinesiology testing, you may go very deep, very fast. This in turn may change your life in many new ways as you confront and spread light on situations and issues. To help and support you through the changes and the needed integration this brings, it has proven most helpful to be able to use MAP and the Perelandra Calibration process.

This book will tell you all you need to know to use MAP successfully. It explains how to open and close Conings, how to learn Kinesiology testing, the basics of Co-Creative Science, and many other useful tools.

It also contains the suggested integration option called 'Calibration'.

MAP has been developed to aid people who seek support on their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. We found it most useful to integrate this system into the Pangarden Game and highly recommend it. By learning MAP and Co-Creative Science skills you will gain amazing, invaluable tools that will support you in your life in many ways and will also allow you to take the Pangarden Game to new heights.


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