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Next Service:

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all future meetings of the Forres Christian Community are suspended until further notice.

If you are not already on our email-list and you want to be informed about future services and other updates and developments, please register to be included in that emai-list by sending an email with your details to Martin Kutternik: info@panosun.org

For more information please contact: Martin Kutternik, mob: 07941 134 101

If you need to contact Rev. Willem Boonstoppel, his mobile number is: 07494-530 189 (Home: 01224 310055)

  • Adults' Service "The Act of Consecration of Man"
    An open communion service including a sermon. Everybody is welcome to take part.

  • Children's Service
    The service is simple, beautiful, interactive and awakens the seeking-spirit in the child. Suitable for age 7–14 years.
    Please check with Priest if Children service is on before bringing children (Home: 01224 310055). Thank you!

  • Shared snack-lunch
    for all participants of Service, with hot and cold drinks at approx. 11:30.

The visiting priest is Rev. Willem Boonstoppel from the Aberdeen congregation.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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For more information please call:
Martin 01309-694 809 E-mail Martin: info@panosun.org

If you wish to book a Sacramental Consultation with Rev. Willem Boonstoppel about anything that is troubling your life, mind or soul, his mobile number is: 07494-530189 (Home: 01224 310055)

For updates on activities in the Forres Christian Community join our Email-List.
E-mail Martin: info@panosun.org

If you are new, best is always to simply come along, have a chat with the priest and then experience the service.

What church is this that knows about reincarnation?
Here a short introduction article about the Christian Community
and about what happens after death: "What church is this that knows about reincarnation..." – click for the PDF-file

For more in-depth information, please see "An Introduction" by Louise Madsen and The Eucharist by Rudolf Frieling


Besides lots of practical help, which the members of the congregation usually fulfill, money is also needed – and we are dreaming to have our own small church...
Details for Standing Orders, One-Off Donations & Gift Aid: download and print the PDF-file.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to bequeath the Christian Community in your will.

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Background Information:

The Christian Community is part of an international movement for the renewal of religion, based on the New Testament, inspired by the original work of Rudolf Steiner and actualized by independent research and insight of priests and members.
Sacraments are held, such as 'The Act of Consecration of Man', Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, Anointing and Sacramental Consultation, as well as talks and study groups.

For more information see www.thechristiancommunity.co.uk


Recommended Reading:

The Fifth Gospel: From the Akashic Records
– by Rudolf Steiner

The 13 Fifth Gospel lectures by Rudolf Steiner describe events in the life of Jesus that are not recorded in the traditional four biblical Gospels.
They give a deeper insight about the Christ-Being, the Jesus events and the importance of the Mystery of Golgotha for humanity....

Read a summary here



Groups and Organisations nearby we have some contact with:

  • Newbold House: A wonderfull Forres community, retreat and workshop centre

  • Drumduan School: independent, fully comprehensive, non-selective and non-denominational school for children aged 3 – 18 years

  • Findhorn Foundation: Spiritual Community, Education Centre, Ecovillage

  • PANOSUN Ltd: Balance ~ Evolution ~ Health



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